Sunday, 27 January 2013

Review of Suderman and Söderberg’s 'A Talk' 2012

Sudermann and Söderberg’s A Talk as part of Dance Umbrella 2012 Festival
Friday 11th of October 2012
The Platform Theatre, Central St Martins, Kings Cross

Now, if not a custom to boundary-breaking performance, A Talk could quite simply be as the title suggests. Even to such extent that it might be difficult for its audience not to question the belonging of such content in the program of London’s biggest annual festival for dance. Yet, it takes no time for Sudermann and Söderberg to justify their artistry…one of the many reasons A Talk is at the top of my list of must sees. 

This dynamic female duo is already seated and mid-flow into their rhythmic, clicky, clappy display as the audience enter and take their seats. The two casually dressed, almost juxtaposing characters observe us as intently as we do them, and still manage to be unfazed nor undone by our waiting for their abstract interaction to be accidentally, or even momentarily broken.       

What has been constructed here is nothing less than a spectacular vocal, and gestural demonstration of our desires to communicate for no reason other than to enter into the game, which is conversation. The duo, accompanied by none other than the passive pot plant, have devised a subtle overlapping between communicational sentimentality and juvenile matter of fact, to which the outcome is simplicity, complexity and precision all at once.

Along with fashionable wit, Sudermann and Söderberg have consistency conquered, for every element of this conversational affair seems to fall back in again, somewhere, and somehow new.

 With humour, satisfaction and point blunt accuracy-what’s not to like?

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