Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Resolution!-'Threshold'- Rachel Burn


The Place, Robin Howard Theatre 
Thursday 29th January
By Bryony Cooper

My third outing to Resolution! And I have to say that what it has offered so far hasn’t been overly impressing. In fact I’m baffled as to how some of the artists have been deemed 'the best in ‘emerging’… until seeing Rachel Burn’s Threshold.

Set on the blank canvas of a black space, Threshold leaks all of the delicacies, intricacies and power that its inspiration- the poetry of Walt Whitman- employs. Clad in a variety of black dresses, three females (including Burn herself due to a last minute injured dancer) journey around the space and each other twisting turning and rolling, creating a multitude of densely textured group sections, duets and solos.

A particular highlight is when Burn takes up position on the back of Anna Pearce, who maintains a sturdy base on the floor. A long stretch of white material that Burn wears with elegance hides Pearce and allows us the visual of a seemingly levitating figure. Mesmerizing is Burns confident and enticing gaze, along with a few subtle gestures that are repeated from earlier on.

Threshold is powerful, detailed and intriguing, and is complimented beautifully by collaborator Renu Hossain’s varied musical composition.     

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